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Our PRIMARY business focus is expertly created concept style music videos.  Simply put, that means we take your already GREAT song, and create a visual story from it through video production, creating a new way for those who love your music to enjoy it.  Music videos create a lasting impact for those who view them in a way that simply listening never can.  It's for this reason that major music producers have been utilizing them for decades.  Isn't it time that YOU began utilizing this great tool to help expand your reach as an artist?  Contact us today and let's get started on YOUR masterpiece!  Music videos are priced per song, and are custom quoted based on number of locations, travel distance and days of shooting and edit required.

dustin producing video.jpg
Dustin Directing On The Set
Of A Music Video By Master's Voice

I am very careful whom I give my endorsement to, which is why I rarely give them.  However, I have no reservation encouraging anyone and everyone to work with Dustin Jenkins.  It was a joy to work with a man that strives to show integrity and professionalism in a way that pleases our Lord.  Now... none of that would be relevant if his work did not also exude excellence.  In short, the ministry of Master's Voice is better having met and worked with this man.  You will be as well!  It was easy, stress-free, fun, exciting and the end product was better than we hoped.  I am really unsure how I could give a stronger endorsement than that. 

Ricky Capps

Master's Voice


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