Churches, Music Artists, Businesses...  they ALL need promotional tools.  Whether you need to produce a promotional or informational video, a commercial for television or social media, a training video or even a documentary, we can help!  We have the cinematic tools and more importantly the KNOW HOW to take your ideas and produce them into a visual media that can translate your vision to your audience.  Contact us today and let's talk about how we can help meet your needs.



In addition to full scale video production services, we also offer freelance EDITING services for audio AND video.  Editing is priced at $200 per "Creative Hour" (hours spent in the creative editing process) and $100 per "Non Creative Hour" (hours spent in non editing capacities, such as capture and render).


Final billing will be rounded UP to the nearest half hour.

Video & Audio Editing

Pro Tools // Final Cut Pro // Apple Motion


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